A small man, made smaller by his hunched stance. He wears a dark green robe, with a hood obscuring most of his weathered face, though still unable to hide his large, wonky nose which appears to have been broken several times. Long, dark, matted and greasy hair hangs in curtains either side of his face.


Orphaned at an early age when his parents were killed by bandits while on the road leading to Raylack, Zud spent his childhood as a vagrant, stealing from farms and local businesses in order to survive. As a teenager he was caught attempting to break into Raylack Church by the vicar of the time, Father Kally. The vicar took pity on him and chose not to report him to the village reeve, opting instead to make him work as the churches grounds keeper to atone for his trespassing.

Zud found a simple contentment in his work there, and has been maintaining the church and graveyard for the past thirty years. He now lives in a shack which he built for himself just outside of the village.


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