Sir Norman Bulip

Disciplined dwarf knight


An impressive, stoic dwarf cleric with a long but tidy black beard. The insert armour he wears is marked with the symbols of the Knights of Arcelor, conveying his knighted rank, and the halberd he wields is fashioned from iron. The grey pallour of a metal weapon is distinctive, gaining many curious stares from passers by.

Though Sir Norman is of a sensible and thoughtful disposition, his strict training has drilled so much discipline into him that he is totally obedient to his orders. When surrounded by those he considers to be equals or superiors, he unconsciously shuts off his brain so that he can unquestioningly serve their whims. It is likely that if Sir Norman does not regain his mental freedom, he will eventually be killed by obeying a foolish command.


Following recent assignment orders, it is interesting to consider the motives of the Knight-commander. He gave Sir Norman the reckless Gravilla Bloodrock (a knight of known disobedience) as a servant. Her loud, outgoing character is the polar opposite of his own – could she have been assigned to him in the hope that it would refine them both?

Then, almost immediately afterwards, he tasked the over-disciplined dwarf with the protection of Professor Wistark Shizbitts. Could the Knight-commander have predicted that Sir Norman would follow this order so unthinkingly that he would continue to guard the wizard long after completing the task of escorting him into Gerelden?

Sir Norman Bulip

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