Grimlock's reptilian steed


A “tame” rage drake with a low, lizard-like body and a bulky, muscular frame. Komodo’s large head supports a heavy jaw and a frill of short, soft spines. He is covered in tough, thick scales that must offer an incredible amount of natural protection.

Komodo is of notable size – the average man would only just be tall enough to look over the top of his back. Yet, fastened above his brawny shoulders there is a saddle and a harness, the latter covered in rotting heads from various creatures (including humans).


Though it has not been fully confirmed, it is likely that Komodo was originally purchased by Alex, leader of the Droogs (a small-time, Gerelden-based criminal group), to be a disposable bodyguard for a smuggling operation in a derelict asylum. Komodo was there broken into a new contract by Grimlock Skullfucker, a sociopathic dragonborn giant who has since used the massive drake as his steed.


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