Keyleth Glick

Companion of the Risen Adventurers


A courageous Raylack villager, daughter of Sheldon and Harriet Glick and sister to Daniel Glick, Keyleth is an enthusiastic trainee warlock who taught herself using books belonging to her father. She has lived in Raylack all her life and has many friends there, which would be unthinkable for a half-elf in many parts of the world.


Several weeks before the arrival of the Risen Adventurers, Keyleth applied to join Raylack’s militia. This application was quickly denied by Sheriff Brandis, leading to a series of fierce arguments. Keyleth insisted that her skills as a warlock made her the martial equal of almost anyone in the village and deemed that Brandis was unable to see beyond her youth and gender. When the Sheriff refused to alter his judgement, Keyleth began to feel increasingly disillusioned with law in the village.

In the late weeks of Autumn, Keyleth started doing a daily patrol of Raylack’s outskirts in order to prove her untested capabilities, to herself as much as to anyone else. She assisted isolated villagers with a number of small monster infestations on the northern side of the village, mostly by bullywug muckers and dire rats, and began to notice that something strange was going on. It was as if the wild beasts were immigrating en masse. When Keyleth raised her concerns to her father he chided her, thinking that she had become deluded in her desperation to prove herself. It was a mere four days later that the Risen Adventurers entered Raylack bearing the mauled body of her little brother.

Keyleth Glick

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