Joseph Curwen

A necromancer whose fate is entwined with that of the adventurers


Once an athletic and tanned youth, Joseph’s adult self is skeletal and pale, his thin skin stretched over his gaunt face. He is never without his large black robe and often covers his face with the hood.


Born in Raylack, Joseph led the typical life of a farmer’s son, helping out on the farm and playing with friends in the many fields and meadows. He was a popular child and did exceedingly well at school, eventually going on to higher education alongside his friend Matthew. Joseph was never seen to return to Raylack, and before long he had left the hearts and minds of those within the village, though chatter concerning him surfaced for a short while when the Curwen farmstead burnt to the ground, tragically killing everyone inside.

372 U.I.

On Autumn 62nd, he was spotted back in the village by Matthew Toulson, who commented on the meeting in his diary, noting Curwen’s odd physical appearance.

Whilst investigating the mysterious lights seen at the remains of the Curwen farmstead, the Risen Adventurers discovered a network of catacombs beneath the old house, eventually leading to a large room inhabited by Curwen himself.

After defeating him in battle in order to stop the necromancer from performing a powerful ritual on the body of Albert Dunwithy, he revealed to the group that he in fact led them to their deaths in Branock’s Gorge, with the intention of using their “salte” (as he referred to it) to increase his power. Before being dispatched by Grimlock Skullfucker, he alluded to the fact that he had been betrayed by another necromancer known as Bango Skank, whom had ‘visited’ Father Malley, leading him to inadvertently meddle in Curwen’s affairs, a course of action which likely led to the vicar’s eventual death.

Joseph Curwen

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