Grimlock Skullfucker

Lizard monster


At almost nine feet tall this barbaric dragonborn towers above almost anyone, his own race included. He has a huge vertical scar on his chest and another on the left side of his face that cuts through his missing left eye.

Skullfucker is a natural killer and relishes any challenge, caring little for the reasons behind each fight. He carries a massive, blood-splattered greataxe and dresses in a thick, werewolf-hide cloak made from a one-time lycanthrope adversary. Beneath this he wears a suit of fortified scale armour that is covered with pungent, rotting heads in various states of decay (several have reduced to bleached skulls).

Completely fearless, Grimlock is known to put both himself and his allies at risk in battle with his extreme, unpredictable behaviour.


None know this savage dragonborn warrior better than his frequent companions Lumen Hadron and Wistark Shizbitts, but even they know nothing of his past beyond the nickname ‘General Grimmers’ and the posters demanding his capture or death that can be found in many Alban settlements.

What is clear is that despite being part of a traditionally noble and honourable race, Grimlock Skullfucker knows nothing of such principles. His single moral code concerns his gruesome trophy collection: worthy skulls come solely from the opponents slain by his own hand.

Beyond killing as many different things as possible, Grimlock only seems to have two goals:

  1. Gain enough power to grow wings
  2. Obtain a badass dragon steed

Grimlock Skullfucker

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