Father Malley

Batshit crazy vicar


Easily identified by his wild, white shock of hair, Father Malley was rarely seen without a wry smile and a glint in his eye.


Son of a travelling merchant, Fraedlen Malley saw much of Alba as a child and then again in later life, when he worked for 25 years as a missionary. Eventually settling in the village of Raylack (as many seem to do), he married Bonnie Sarton, a local farmer’s daughter five years his junior and worked closely alongside the priest of Raylack Church, taking over his position upon his death several years later.

372 U.I.

On the 22nd of Autumn his wife Bonnie was killed by unknown assailants, seemingly driving Malley mad and causing him to delve into the necromantic arts, seeking to find a way to bring her back from the dead.

On the 6th of Winter, the Risen Adventurers explored his house, discovering his use of necromancy and using his diary to track him to the church mausoleum. There they found him, still sitting in his chair, surrounded by books concerning dark magic, and with his heart torn straight from his chest – possibly killed after inadvertently becoming known to Joseph Curwen.

Father Malley

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