Draevek Norn

Former Innkeeper of The Slaughtered Lamb


A half-elf, just under 6ft tall. Physically, his elven qualities are played down in comparison to his human aspects, his hair, though a light, elvish brown, is cut short and a well trimmed goatee adorns his chin, a gift from his human father. He is well built, appearing to be more strong than sleek, his arm muscles visible despite the long sleeved shirt he wears. A long scar runs down the left side of his face, narrowly missing his eye.


A product of a violent raid on a human village; Draevek’s mother saw her innocence stolen by an Elven assailant who broke into her home and discovered her cowering in a cupboard. As a result of this, Draevek had no tolerance for a man who raises his hand to a woman, and spent his early years with a deep hatred for Elves.

His mother died whilst he was still in his teenage years, and with little left tying him to their settlement, he left to wander the lands. It was during the next fifteen years of adventuring that he befriended an Elf who aided him after a bear attack, through their blossoming friendship he learned to tolerate and then even respect the Elven people, most of whom. he discovered, were friendly towards humans.

Eventually the pair wound up in Raylack. Draevek quickly fell in love with the village and the surrounding area, deciding to settle there for the time being. His Elven friend continued on, wishing to explore more of the world.

Draevek found employment at the local inn, The Slaughtered Lamb, eventually becoming innkeeper.

372 U.I.

Draevek encountered the Risen Adventurers during their first night in Raylack, providing beds for them at the inn. He tasked them the following day with investigating Matthew Toulson’s farmstead, having not received word from the farmer or his children for sometime – later paying the intrepid group when they returned with news of the family’s ill fate.

Relations with the Risen later soured, as they were involved in a scuffle with an angry mob, consisting mostly of Draevek’s friends and assembled by Cain Dunwithy, the innkeep’s closest confidant within the village. The encounter left several dead and Cain under arrest.

During the Third Battle of Branock’s Gorge, Draevek helped in barricading and defending Raylack from further attacks, as a war band set out to assault the malevolent forces threatening their borders. Though the defenders thankfully went undisturbed, he took great pains in helping the reeve organise the efforts, and keep morale high.

Days after the closing of the Fini, Draevek departed from Raylack without word to anyone, leaving the inn unattended.

Draevek Norn

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