Daniel Glick

Good werewolf food


Blonde haired and blue eyed, the boy would be described as ‘impish, mischievous and full of unbridled joy’ at his funeral.


Daniel’s tragically short life was spent playing with his sister Keyleth and many of Raylack’s other children in the surrounding fields and forests.

His father, Sheldon, was instructing him in the art of wood carving, hoping for his son to carry on the family’s artistic tendencies, himself earning their keep as a crafter of intricate trinkets.

372 U.I.

Daniel’s dismembered and partially devoured corpse was discovered by the Risen Adventurers, the group defeating the werewolf seemingly responsible for the attack before carrying the dead boy down into the village.

The body became a source of conflict in the group when one member, Poobeyr Meatshield callously attempted to steal coins placed over his eyes in a mark of respect.

His sister, grateful for the kindness shown to her brother, joined the Risen the next day, aiding them in a task set by Draevek Norn, innkeeper of The Slaughtered Lamb

Daniel and his sister were eventually put to rest after the Third Battle of Branock’s Gorge, the first of many funeral services performed by Raylack’s new vicar, Willham Prince

Their parents, devastated by the loss of their two children, departed from the village a short while later.

Daniel Glick

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