The Whisperer in Darkness

Day 14: Wolf in the Fold

Someone searching for Sir Richard is the least of the party's worries...

With Komodo found and ‘safe’, it’s time to return to Heddibrun to retrieve the Necronomicon and confront Finnagin. To gain entry into the professor’s office, the Capital Punishers ask The Boss if he has any city guard uniforms which would be suitable, which he does. Though there are none that fit Grimlock, the dragonborn is content to play the part of a captured prisoner if there will be skulls at the other end of the trip. Wistark, being more comfortable in an academic environment than the others, instead opts for his usual robes. In this way he hopes to converse with students and staff, perhaps gaining more information during the mission.

Professor Shizbitts’ moustache is too distinctive to allow him to pass incognito but he hits upon the simple expedient of tucking it into his robes. All set, the group pass through the sewers to an exit near the campus. Taking care to avoid being spotted, they slip out onto the street. Wistark goes ahead, since it would look odd if he were with the rest of the party. Following him is a rather humorous sight: two mismatched city guards, one a dwarf and the other a goliath, flanking a hulking dragonborn. Sir Norman and Gravilla struggle to look as if they’re in control of their massive faux captive. As they walk towards the main building, the two knights are hailed from the shadows.

An elf, clad in the dark armour of the Empire, steps out and salutes. He gives his name as Euven and tells them that he is looking for their commanding officer, Sir Richard Fenn. Before they can think of a competent lie, Grimlock answers for them, “Sir Richard is no more”. Hearts in their mouths, the disguised pair manage to cover for this and give an account of the event which doesn’t incriminate themselves. The newcomer is perturbed but accepts the given story without obvious suspiscion of the party. He explains that he is presently heading to Professor Finnigan’s office to collect the Necronomicon and return it to Narvik. Unwilling to abort their plan, Gravilla says that they are headed in that direction as well. It will look suspicious if they avoid the expectant elf, so rather awkwardly the four of them continue to the main building and enter the hall together.

Wistark had grown worried with the length of time spent waiting for the others, but he is doubly concerned by the new face accompanying them. Entering hostile territory is not the time to be collecting ‘friends’. Typically, the foreign elf is too haughty to exchange pleasantries and it falls to Sir Norman to give a quick explanation of their companion. The wizard quickly realises the potential for difficulty. He attempts to convince Euven that he is part of the Knights as well but, given the extensive briefing the soldier received before arriving in Gerelden, this is doomed to failure. Irritated by the new burden, the wizard abandons his companions and goes on alone as Norman attempts to use his calming influence to prevent a scene with the elf. Shortly after he finishes muttering explanations the uneasy silence is shattered by a loud boom from the hall ahead (into which Wistark passed only seconds earlier). The company rush to the doors and throw them open.

Encounter: The Professor’s End



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