The Whisperer in Darkness

Day 20: The Desecration of Roanoke

Maliciously cunning, Euven is able to delay the Punishers for so long that his backup arrives. Though Wistark uses a spell of invisibility to escape the elf’s trap, Norman, Grimlock and Gravilla find themselves being escorted to Roanoke by a platoon of sixty soldiers of the Elven Empire. With the wizard alone and the others hostage, what hope do the group have of making findings that are not immediately confiscated? Must the Necronomicon be passed from one enemy to another? As the eastern edge of Roanoke appears in the distance, the concerns of the investigation begin to fade away. All present can feel the darkness in the quiet, empty town ahead.

Encounter: The Desecration of Roanoke

Something falls, hitting the ground near the end of the main street. The survivors of the battle approach slowly, uncertain what to expect. Entirely without caution, Grimlock leaps Komodo forward and swings his axe into the black mass. It has the feel of flesh. Gravilla gets close enough to recognise that it is one of the two robed dragon riders. His black robes bear a magic missile scorch mark – this is the one that the wizard knocked loose. Wistark hovers over on the floating disk, his face unreadable, and steps off to have a look. What he finds appears to confirm his suspicions. Taking a knife from an inner coat pocket, he cuts a finger from the body while softly speaking the words, “Don’t worry. I remember.”

The elves, meanwhile, do not recognise the man. Looking up, they are confronted with a view of their dead. Euven stands stock still in horrified shock, amazed that so many could be lost against so few. The Prelate maintains a detached disposition and sets his section to the task of establishing a perimeter. Norman looks towards the church and begins to walk towards it. He is followed by Grimlock and Gravilla. The Prelate sends Euven after them, who is then followed by Wistark last of all. The corpse and the finger are left behind. They belong to the rasping man, the twisted, nameless leader in the prison camp, who had the wizard tortured for information. Feeling the stub of the smallest finger on his right hand, Wistark walks through the doors of the church. They close soundly behind him.

Encounter: The Darkest Robes of All



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