The Whisperer in Darkness

Day 3: Nest of Vermin

Stalk a scalawag and slog through a sewer to sneak amongst scholars.

After sleeping through the afternoon and evening, the Capital Punishers set off under the cover of darkness. They head to the poor district, where Oliver Finnagin has a contact who can get them into Esselfine University. The first order of business is to find this contact, named ‘Wasp’. Gravilla, Ignatious and Grimlock have terrible hangovers and are of little help during the search that follows. Wistark and Norman ask a dwarven prostitute if she knows anything.

Despite being propositioned by Grimlock (who remarks that dwarves are “exactly the right height”) she tells them to search for someone called Ratback and points them towards a nearby alley. He is not difficult to identify – a filthy, fat dustbin-feeder. Wistark asks Ratback if he knows where Wasp is, adding that he has work for her. Ratback does not need to reply. A small, thin woman drops into their midst from the rooves above. She introduces herself as Wasp and wastes no time in offering to guide the group to Esselfine’s concealed entrance.

Wistark is satisfied that she is telling the truth so the Punishers set off in her company, soon entering a sewer that Wasp claims is frequently used for discreet travel by a local mercenary gang. Komodo is unfortunately far too large for these tunnels, and Grimlock is forced to leave him outside. After some time in the cramped tunnels, Wasp stops and tenses, listening ahead. She draws two short swords and the group see swarms of rats charging in their direction with fangs bared. Turning back to the group, she makes a single comment, “These rats fear nothing”.

Encounter: Shit dwellers

The rats are slaughtered. Gravilla is chewed up by an alligator so badly that Norman orders her to return to base. The rest reach the university, emerging in a dark basement from a trap door that Grimlock makes no attempt to open quietly. The group find crates that match those in the Droog’s import/export room and contain the same flammable bottles. There is also a box of Esselfine robes that allows the non-dragonborn members of the party to disguise themselves. Wasp bids the Punishers farewell and goes back into the sewers. Wistark stealthily leads his three remaining companions into the university.



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