The Whisperer in Darkness

Day 9: Cut and Run

It has been an hour since the escape and the group have finally gained enough of a lead to stop for a short rest, their confidence boosted after Wistark left a false trail for the pursuers. During this break Wasp reveals just how busy she has been over the last few days. On the day that Wistark and Grimlock sought out Ratback for the second time she snuck into Esselfine University, infiltrating the place with far greater effectiveness than the Capital Punishers despite its heightened security. She managed to steal evidence of Esselfine’s innocence, and claims to have letters between the dean and the senior staff which indicate that they had no part in the assassination attempt.

Encounter: Moss Muncher

Wasp continues her story: after returning to the poor district she learned that Wistark and Grimlock had sought her out. Using a network of contacts in the city she managed to learn that the pair had been captured and were currently being transported. She found and followed the discreet procession into Gerelden’s outskirts and then beyond, tailing them for 11 hours to the makeshift fort. She remained hidden and watched the camp for three days, making her move only when the opportunity came – most of the campers packed up and left this very afternoon, taking Grimlock (still heavily drugged) with them.

The three Punishers are incredibly grateful for her bravery, but an uneasy Wistark feels he must ask, “Why did you help us?” Wasp’s answer is an unexpected one – she claims that strange events are in motion in the city and suggests that Oliver Finnagin is in cahoots with whatever sinister plot is unfolding. She claims to be part of a spy network and offers the adventurers the chance to lay low under their protection. Feeling cautious and exhausted, the Punishers do not immediately accept this offer. Wistark expresses only the desire to rescue Grimlock, then go home. But there is time for minds to change yet. It will take a long time to get back to civilisation off-road.



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