The Whisperer in Darkness

Quest Log 2: Bite of the Beast

Even on the short walk from Raylack Church to the main village, the four confused wanderers demonstrate their uncanny ability to walk into armed conflict.

As night falls around them, the Risen Adventurers come steadily closer to the village of Raylack. Lumen is scouting ahead when he hears noises in the darkness, coming from a woodland adjacent to the road. Signalling for the group to stop, he stealthily makes his way off the road. Unimpressed at being left to wait without explanation, Wistark immediately ignores Lumen’s signal and quietly leads Grimlock and Poobeyr to the spot where Lumen left the road.

Once there they too can hear a noise in the darkness, and under the pale light of the moon can see its source – an unknown man-sized creature, softly chewing and ripping at something lying at its feet. Lumen crouches a small distance away and, noting the presence of his comrades, requests some time to find a good sniping position. Wistark sees the sense in this and grants Lumen two minutes to get into a good spot. As Lumen vanishes into the darkness, Wistark holds back Poobeyr and Grimlock, who have quickly become savagely eager for a fight.

Encounter: Cherished Remains

The adventurers ambush the beast, a werewolf, and it flees into the forest. Suddenly Wistark is himself ambushed by a violent Otyugh, and the group are split between hunting the lycanthrope and saving Wistark from the slimy monster. During this battle Poobeyr is infected with Filth Fever. Far more seriously, Lumen is bitten on the arm and contracts lycanthropy – the infectious curse of the werewolf. Eventually both creatures are defeated and the group reconvene near the road to inspect the remains of the werewolf’s grizzly meal.

The injured adventurers are dispirited to find the mauled body of a small boy. Discovering a petso in the boy’s pocket, Lumen makes a meaningful gesture of final rest by covering the body’s dead staring eyes with pess. Poobeyr, who still remembers with cold anger the incident of a year past when the group cut him out of a treasure hoard due to his “angina”, decides that money should not be spared for the dead. He moves to claim the two ivory petsos for himself, to the horrified shock of the group.

They command him not to ruin Lumen’s kind act, but stubbornly he insists, suggesting covering the body with the priest robes taken from Raylack Church instead. Though this is a good idea, Wistark and Lumen see only greed in Poobeyr’s eyes, and the situation quickly makes a turn for the worse as they threaten him with deadly force should he take the pess. The Flaming Sphere looms closely, with enough power to kill Poobeyr through its heat alone in his weakened state. In the end, Poobeyr has no sane choice but to relent, and the tension eases considerably when he does so.

Wistark dispels the Sphere, and the group decide to take the boy with them into Raylack. Grimlock agrees to carry the body, and so they walk the rest of the tired journey to the village. Having some knowledge of the nature of werewolf bites, Lumen conceals his injury from Wistark and Poobeyr, hoping to rid himself of its curse before they even discover he had carried it. Grimlock agrees to keep the wound secret, and finally the Risen Adventurers pass into the village of Raylack, agreeing not to mention the fact that they recently rose from the grave.

The group find Raylack’s reeve, Sheriff Brandis, in the Slaughtered Lamb inn in the village centre, and quietly usher him outside to see the young body. The boy is identified to be Daniel Glick, indeed a Raylack local. The reeve is very suspicious of the adventurers for their involvement and insists that they remain within the confines of the village until the cause of the boy’s death is determined by a doctor. The group are not pleased with this restriction and agree only to stay until the end of the next day.

Sheriff Brandis offers them the opportunity to spend the night in his jail if they so wish it, but fortunately they have just enough sense to stay in the inn instead.

Entering the Slaughtered Lamb, Grimlock finds a female dragonborn and, obviously, immediately attempts to seduce her with a manly display. Instead, he trips over a table, crashes to the floor and cuts himself with his axe.

Hoping to make clear that the bloody cut is causing him no pain, he then leaps up so quickly that he knocks a halfling off their seat and gets covered in ale.

Squealing in agony as alcohol runs into his axe wound, Grimlock looks and sounds like the most pathetic giant lizard man ever to exist. The scaly lady leaves in disgust and the adventurers retire to their rooms.



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