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Welcome to The Whisperer in Darkness, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign currently underway in Blundeston, England. To follow the story, please see below. Be warned that you may come across spoilers if you stray too far using in-text links. Still, that’s up to you – have a look around!

“That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.”

Chapter One: Raylack

1. The Risen Adventurers
Wistark Shizbitts, Lumen Hadron, Grimlock Skullfucker and Poobeyr Meatshield awake inside buried coffins within the grounds of Raylack Church along with a cemetery’s worth of zombies.
Awake | Encounter: Shattered Glass

2. Sickness and Death
On the moonlit road to Raylack village the Risen Adventurers discover a creature in the darkness – a werewolf, feasting on the body of a young boy. They set up an ambush… but are ambushed themselves.
Bite of the Beast | Encounter: Cherished Remains

3. Deformed Compulsions
The group accept a paid quest to determine the fate of a missing farmer family, but this is not as simple as visiting their local home. To find one lost child they journey northeast, fighting scores of vicious monsters along the way.
Troubled Toulsons | Encounters: Psychic Squatters Lights and Mist Battle of Wills

4. Necromancy for Love
The Risen follow in the footsteps of Raylack’s lost priest in the hope that he might know something about their unexplained awakening underneath his cemetery.
Fruits of Malley | Encounters: Serious Weeds Disturbing the Dead

5. Necromancy for Strength
After hearing that lights have been seen within the deserted home of the mysterious Joseph Curwen, the adventurers find a series of trap-filled catacombs beneath its burnt ruins.
Secrets Subterranean | Encounters: Jawsome Frog Men The Stone Arrow Holograms A Black Ritual

6. Necromancy for Life
The weary group are attacked by an angry mob. The peasants are easy targets but startling events soon lead the Risen to fight for their lives, and then for the lives of others.
Raylack in Arms | Encounters: Union Rabble Mollusc Ambassador The Fini | Epilogue: Departure

Chapter Two: Gerelden

Day 1. Secrets of the Necronomicon
Wistark Shizbitts is invited by a famous historian and a mysterious sect to bring the Necronomicon to the city of Gerelden. He is joined by companions new and old, forming a group that quickly take the law into their own hands.
The SummonsVigilante Dawn | Escapade: Dukes and Moor

Day 2. The Capital Punishers
Robed figures attempt to assassinate the party during their sleep. The awakened survivors decide to investigate the attackers themselves as unmasked, uncostumed vigilantes – a move certain to gain their group a badass nickname.
Nazg├╗lClues on a CampfireDroogham Dra-kylumLucky Lizards

Days 3-4. Wanted Fugitives
The Capital Punishers explore a derelict, trap-filled ruin that is rumoured to be frequented by a band of dangerous, robed thieves. They then take the sewer passage to Esselfine University to investigate the assassins.
Third Day: Droogham CityNest of Vermin | Fourth Day: Sheep in Wolves ClothingRescue Impossible

Days 5-9. Filth and Glory
Having been captured by an unknown group and imprisoned within an unknown location, the Punishers wait for an opportunity to escape. In the meantime they must face torture, interrogation and the arena.
Capital PrisonersRestrained ReminiscenceDirty DepartureCut and Run

Days 10-12. On the Down-low
The rescued group members make a stealthy return to Gerelden and are welcomed into an underground criminal group ruled by “the Boss”, who agrees to help find their missing dragonborn in exchange for a small favour.
Keys to Outer HeavenChemical AffectionOf ploys and piratesDrayheist →(Grim Days)→ Explosive Exit

Days 13-14. Long Overdue
There are those who do not know that a loaned book must eventually be returned. If you are foolish enough to deal with such people, eventually you’re going to have to do some leg work. With three heavily armed mates.
Back into the fray?That is no orc horn…Wolf in the FoldDirections in Time

Days 15-20. End of the Holiday
The party say a fond farewell to Gerelden, sobbing noisily into gigantic handkerchiefs as they depart the wonderful city that they have come to love so much. Oh, but hang on, there is one important last thing to do.
One Last TaskThe Imperial SkullfinderVisiting the NordsThe Desecration of Roanoke

Chapter Three: The Long And Winding Road

1. Tourists
The lives of five mysterious travellers intertwine in Goxhill, a village in central Alba.
GoxhillParty FormationThe InvestigationA New LeadJourney Into DarknessThe Hut

2. Wanderers
A newly formed mercenary group chase rumours of a black dragon into the mountains.
Still In A ShackRevelations and DesecrationCampfire TaleJourney Into The Gols

3. Exterminators
The gang take a short break to hang out with goliaths and butcher local wildlife.
A Warm WelcomeRude AwakeningThe Element Of SurpriseTarkus RisingTarkus Perishing

4. Mercenaries
Euven secures the group’s first paid mercenary work by going to the pub.
Gregg’s DecisionUpdate on TarkusM1: Down the PanM2: AnkylobrawlrusM3: I’m the Dog

The Whisperer in Darkness

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